Experts in LTPAC Risk Management

QA Reader was founded by the team behind HealthCap and HealthCap Risk Management Services.

HealthCap is the leading liability management program for long term and post-acute care providers. HealthCap was founded in 2001, and has delivered effective risk management and liability insurance solutions to over 5,000 skilled nursing and assisted living providers since then. The HealthCap team is known as the most effective professional liability claim managers in the industry, and we’ve successfully closed over 6,000 high-value professional liability claims since our founding.

In response to a growing need from HealthCap clients, we formed HealthCap Risk Management Services in 2002. HCRMS provides onsite regulatory, clinical and risk management consulting to senior care providers throughout the country. We’re proud of the fact that we’ve completed over 11,000 onsite consulting engagements at client facilities since our formation.

Incident and accidents are a leading cause of resident injury and liability in our industry. That’s the reason we’ve spent nearly 15 years collecting incident and accident data by parsing the incident reports faxed to us by our client facilities. We’ve taken this information and built innovative predictive risk models by combining incident and professional liability claim data with the results of HCRMS’s risk management facility risk scoring system (FSS). The result is the most deterministic and effective predictive models in the industry.

In 2012, we set our sights on offering our industry-leading risk management expertise to a broader audience via a cloud-hosted risk management and quality assessment platform. We created QA Reader in order to deliver actionable, real-time information to help skilled nursing and assisted living providers deliver superior clinical and financial performance. Like all of the services our team provides, QA Reader is designed to operate in the real-world. We don’t require your staff to type anything into QA Reader in order to benefit from its incredible power. Our data stream accepts both paper incident reports and EHR feeds. Once you report to QA Reader, the rest is done by us.

Welcome to QA Reader. We help you focus on what matters.