Connect with professional LTPAC risk managers in real-time with a monthly subscription

Expert ReviewQA Reader automatically identifies potentially serious events and immediately routes them to our team of long-term care risk management experts. Our clinical and regulatory risk management professionals review flagged incidents and connect with the facility’s dashboard to assist staff in addressing root causes and reducing ongoing risk.

  • Automatically connect with professional LTC risk managers to help guide your investigation and plans of correction.
  • Meet HUD-232 risk management requirements while learning from leading clinical and regulatory experts in the long-term care industry.
  • Simplify your QA infrastructure with one solution that provides comprehensive quality assurance reporting.

When a serious incident occurs, our risk managers act quickly to review the incident report and identify areas of concern, while offering root cause analysis and training techniques.

QA Reader notifies authorized facility and corporate staff of all potentially serious incidents, with secure links to the incident report details.

HUD often requires long-term and post-acute care facilities that participate in the HUD-232 loan program to subscribe to an incident reporting and clinical review service like QA Reader. QA Reader fully complies with HUD guidelines.

Per HUD guidelines, QA Reader addresses the facility’s ongoing quality of care to residents and helps to reduce exposure to Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) claims. We incorporate a real-time incident reporting and tracking system that informs senior management of all incidents with a potential liability to the company.

QA Reader also provides third-party review of the incidents by trained professionals and provides training and follow-up with facility staff as necessary.