Improve Resident Outcomes with QA Reader

Identify High Risk ResidentsQA Reader empowers you and your staff to identify root causes of resident safety issues quickly and accurately, with our 40-point resident risk scoring system, which includes:

  • Falls, falls with injury, falls with fracture
  • Skin injuries as a result of an incident, including lacerations, burns, hematomas, bruises
  • Resident and staff altercations
  • Elopements
  • Wound observations
  • Incident frequency and severity trends
  • Hospital admissions as a result of injury
  • Follow-up actions, including staff education, care plan updates, state reportables
  • Time-of-day, shift, and day-of-week analysis to identify periods of transition or potential staffing issues
  • Care plan intervention analysis
  • Near misses

QA Reader dashboards are elegant, powerful, and interactive, allowing users to focus on critical time periods. We provide dashboards for the organization, custom regions, and your communities that respond in real-time to changes on the floor, including highlighting the 12 key performance indicators of risk.

Identify High-Risk Residents in Real Time with QA Reader

QA Reader actively monitors all resident data, including frequent fallers and those with risky behavior patterns.

QA Reader continuously updates a real-time resident risk score based on 40 components of risk and recommendations from your online risk management team. The dashboard and reporting system highlight the highest risk residents in order to help you focus your risk management and clinical efforts on the residents requiring the most need.

Finally: an Automatic Process to Identify Frequent Fallers

Identify frequent fallersQA Reader monitors resident fall trends to identify frequent fallers. Our frequent faller watchlist lists all residents that have fallen more than once in any 30-day window over the preceding 90 days.

QA Reader’s live frequent faller watchlist enables you to view the falls by type for all frequent fallers, sort by incidence and drill through to a specific resident’s QA and risk trends. At the resident details page, you can quickly view the history of events for the resident, viewing all incident reports and downloading the fall investigation documents.