QA Reader Expands Your EHR Platform

QA Reader is the only risk management dashboard that integrates easily with all leading long-term care EHR systems like PointClickCare, American HealthTech, and Achieve Matrix.

We use innovative bridging technology that transfers information from your EHR system to QA Reader seamlessly and simply. Our EHR integration toolkit comes standard with QA Reader and does not require additional subscription costs by your EHR provider or us. No duplicate data entry is required.

Connects with and Improves EHR

EHR systems are great at collecting information, but not very good at analyzing it. Many long-term care EHR systems lack even basic risk management functionality. QA Reader has helped hundreds of facilities expand their EHR capabilities by adding comprehensive notifications, reports, and live review of all potentially serious events by expert LTC risk managers.

Remember that EHR is designed to help you manage resident-level care, not to advance your organization-wide understanding into risk and quality. QA Reader does just that: we take the data from your EHR system, integrate it with our leading risk management and quality algorithms, enhance your process with our expert risk managers, and deliver a complete organizational-level risk management solution.

We provide detailed views, dashboards, and reports into the performance of every level of your organization, from corporate to regional, facility, unit, and resident.

Advanced EHR Risk Management

Many EHR systems lack advanced risk management trending and notification capabilities. QA Reader expands the capabilities of your EHR system and supports the transfer of many important data points, like:

  • Resident demographics
  • Incident type
  • Injury type
  • Treatment
  • Follow-up action

EHR Customer Adoption to QA Reader

70% of QA Reader client facilities use electronic health record systems like PointClickCare, Achieve Matrix, American Health Data Solutions, LG, and HealthMedX.

Although these organizations rely on EHR systems for care delivery, they turn to QA Reader for risk management and quality assurance. Why? EHR systems are good at managing resident-specific data, but not at providing organization-wide insights.

EHR systems do not have the robust quality assessment capabilities required by most long-term care organizations and cannot provide the hands-on risk management services that QA Reader can provide. So these organizations use a best-of-breed solution for this mission-critical function, and QA Reader handles the integration of the capabilities to provide an end-to-end and seamless solution.

A Complete Risk Management Solution

QA Reader is more than a software program, it’s a complete risk management and quality assessment solution. We take the data in your EHR system and use it to drive measurable improvements in quality outcomes and financial performance.

Electronic Health Record Systems Versus QA Reader

EHR provides a limited set of risk management and quality assessment features while QA Reader provides a complete risk management solution.

EHR systems capture incident and accident data and display a few graphs. These systems do not provide automatic identification and notification of serious events, risk manager oversight, and organization and peer benchmarking like QA Reader.

EHR Risk Management Process

Leading EHR systems’ risk management modules capture data and provide a few graphs, but nothing else.

QA Reader Risk Management Process

QA Reader delivers a complete risk management solution by integrating easily with your EHR data and leveraging that data into a comprehensive solution. The QA Reader solution includes incident triage, automatic notifications, custom dashboards, risk manager oversight, and precise benchmarking and reports.

Event management and risk analysis are mission-critical to most long-term and post-acute care providers, and they require more sophistication than common EHR vendors can provide. QA Reader is the only comprehensive provider of event management and risk analysis and is a safe solution endorsed by the American Health Care Association, the National Center for Assisted Living, and used by over 600 providers around the country.