Ready-built, powerful reports that are easy to understand

Benchmarking and advanced reportingQA Reader is software with an opinion. We rely on our industry-leading risk management expertise to deliver comprehensive reports without requiring you to do anything.

All of our reports are ready-built to drive immediate value to your organization.

Our array of reports includes:

  • Organizational, regional, facility, unit, and resident-level reporting
  • Benchmarking reports that further your insight into how your facility (or facilities) compares against the organizational benchmark or your peer group
  • Reports analyzing shift involvement, time-of-day analysis, location analysis, and other frequency trends
  • Risk manager feedback summaries, helping you identify potential lapses in training
  • Compliance reports that help your compliance officer identify trends in follow-up investigations or state reporting
  • Frequent faller reports that identify your frequent fallers and their 30, 60, and 90-day trends.
  • Special focus resident reports that identify higher risk residents, and their frequency and severity trends.
  • Predictive liability analytics that help you understand trends in professional liability

QA Reader helps predict key financial and clinical outcomes at the facility

When you subscribe to QA Reader, you harness the power of the leading claim and risk management dataset available to long-term care providers. Through our association with HealthCap, the leading risk management firm serving the long-term and post-acute care industry, we can provide advanced predictive risk and claim analytics capabilities that will help your organization:

  • Identify special focus residents
  • Spot adverse professional liability trends
  • Benchmark your organization’s risk profile against its peers

Predictive claim analytics

When an incident occurs, QA Reader connects with the HealthCap predictive claim algorithm and determines expected claim frequency and severity associated with the incident. We apply unique incident and facility characteristics plus local tort history and national trends in claim frequency and severity. QA Reader provides comprehensive reporting of potential liability across your entire organization, helping you identify adverse trends before they have a chance to negatively impact your bottom line.

Frequent faller identification and analysis

Finally, a solution that identifies your frequent fallers automatically. QA Reader tracks all of the residents in your organization and provides real-time reports and views that identify and assess fall frequency. We place all frequent fallers on a 90-day watchlist, which you can sort by time-left, number of falls, 30, 60, and 90-day trends.

Resident risk scoring

QA Reader actively monitors all residents in the system, including frequent fallers and residents with risky behavior patterns. QA Reader continuously updates a real-time resident risk score based on 40 components of risk and recommendations from your online risk management team. The dashboard and reporting system highlight the highest risk residents to help you focus your risk management and clinical efforts on the residents requiring special focus.